Severe M.E Awareness Day

Today, August 8th is severe M.E day. Obviously to severe M.E sufferers today is just another day battling this illness, but it’s an opportunity to try to raise more awareness for M.E; most especially those of us who are unfortunate enough to suffer from it severely.

I’ve now suffered with severe M.E for ten years, so it’s been a very long haul. With this kind of severity of the illness it restricts me very much so with all aspects of life. I’m bed / wheelchair bound, have to be hoisted out of bed to be transferred, need help from my Mum (who is my main carer) with the main everyday necessities we all take for granted, like; washing, dressing, cooking, hoisting me out of bed and everything revolving around day to day life. For someone with severe M.E this is unfortunately how life is and it’s something that isn’t shed light on all that often at all.

With M.E being such a misunderstood and ignored illness, the large majority are unaware of how severe this illness can be for the sufferer. Unlike other chronic illnesses, where it’s widely documented and understood regarding symptoms etc and the awareness is much larger. We desperately need to make this the case for M.E too and I hope with this blog I can help in some small way to spread awareness and knowledge on the topic of this illness.


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