Dealing With Insomnia When You Have A Chronic Illness

One of the most difficult and contradictory things with my M.E is having to deal with insomnia whilst being completely and utterly drained. I go through bouts of terrible insomnia, which makes it even tougher to get through the day. I’m unfortunately going through one of those times right now and it’s just generally adding to and exacerbating my already severe symptoms.

For anyone who suffers from insomnia, knows how truly exhausting it all is, but when you’re already extremely fatigued and pained 24/7 anyway, it makes it that much more difficult. Especially with being awake all night when everyone else is asleep, it creates a feeling of loneliness alongside the exhaustion.

I’m working on trying to change my sleep around as much as I can control myself; despite already being on sleeping tablets, which I have been for a number of years now, they seem to be failing to work now; most probably because my body has become immune to the medication. So I’m hoping I can get that fixed as soon as possible. Also, a little while ago, I began to do some guided meditation on a great app on my phone. I was definitely finding that helpful all ways round, with my stress and anxiety and simply giving me time to chill out for a change, which I find extremely difficult to do so with being in constant pain, I haven’t been meditating recently, unfortunately, as have just got bogged down with all the chaos and stress of life and moving. But, I’m determined to endeavour to re-start the daily guided meditation and most especially trying it to help me get to sleep at night. I’ll see how it goes and will be sure to update you all on how I’m getting on with it, it’s definitely worth trying anything that has the possibility to be helpful to your life, whatever that thing may be.


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