Mindfulness and Meditation For M.E / Chronic Illnesses

With my Mum being a yoga teacher, mindfulness and meditation has been something that I’ve known about from a young age, which is something I’m extremely grateful for. But it’s only really in the past few months that I’ve endeavoured to pursue it further, in an attempt to help my insomnia, stress and anxiety.

A few months ago I downloaded an app called Headspace and it happened to be my first try at meditation in quite a while, I was extremely keen to see what effects it may have and hopeful that it may prove to be helpful in some way. I have to say, Headspace, is a fantastic app, I did the set of 10-day meditation sessions and obviously the more I delved into it, the more useful it became to me. I found it helped decrease my stress levels and gave me a chance through the course of the day to be able to chill out for even just a few minutes. But unfortunately, due to the fact that after the 10 sessions, it is then worked on a payment subscription basis, I decided to try something new and compare

the effects to see if it was any more helpful.

The second meditation app is called; Stop, Breathe & Think. I instantly enjoyed the layout and engagement of the app even more so than Headspace, with the chance to be able to record how you are feeling before and after the session, which includes for chronic illness sufferers; pain levels and the physical side of things, as well as how you may be feeling emotionally and mentally; something that I found incredibly helpful with the app as a whole.


From the very first session, I felt that instant calming effect that great meditation can give you, even more so than the sessions with the previous app that I had used. After filling out how you’re feeling, it then gives you the appropriate meditation session that would be suitable for you at that time. This is something I find unique to the app and an incredibly valuable addition.

With having been using Stop, Breathe & Think, I would highly recommend it for various purposes; anxiety, stress, pain, insomnia. And in different circumstances too, whether you may be suffering from physical or mental health issues, either way, I think this is an extremely useful meditation app and most definitely think it’s worthwhile downloading it and taking several minutes out of your day to meditate.


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