World Mental Health Day

Today marks a very important day in the year; World Mental Health Day. As someone who’s battled with their mental health for many years, today brings a lot of significance to me, as it will to many of you out there.

My battle with my mental health is, unfortunately, a daily struggle that I have to push to get through each day, even with the help of medication to manage it. I’ve suffered from depression and BPD for many years now and at one point had to be in an adolescent unit for a year due to them both. It’s extremely difficult to explain any of this to someone who hasn’t experienced any mental health issues and unfortunately so, in 2016, mental health still carries a stigma along with it. We need to work together, to be open about our issues and eradicate this unnecessary stigma, of something that affects so many of us in the world.

I wanted to share a snippet of my story, to help raise awareness, most especially today. It’s vital we smash this stigma and work together to make it okay to talk about mental health in an open and honest way.


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