My First Trip Out For Six Months

Going out for the first time in six months is a bizarre feeling; you can’t actually believe you’re finally outside and away from those four walls that have got all too familiar. Simply breathing in the fresh air, looking up at the sky above me and the ground covered in fallen leaves underneath my wheelchair, it was a magical feeling. I went out to go to the local Christmas market by Exeter Cathedral, which is something I very much look forward to each and every December. It’s such a lovely market, with a truly festive atmosphere; loads of stalls selling food, drink, handmade gifts; both local and worldwide. With mulled wine and hot chocolate and wonderful decorations and everything that sums up Christmas time.

We got the train into Exeter and the view from Newcourt was wonderful, so obviously just had to reach for my camera; both film and digital.

We got into Exeter, had a lovely little trip around the market and then headed for a much needed warming hot chocolate from Cafe Nero; that I was pleasantly surprised as to how nice it was. Then off we went onto the train back home. Despite being extremely anxious and in a lot of pain, I thoroughly enjoyed my first trip out again and can’t wait to get out again.

This is my first blog post in a while, due to being in a bad place as of late. But most definitely plan to blog a lot more, especially about my trips out.


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